Tuesday, July 18, 2017

It's $2 Tuesday until midnight tonight..and TWO freebies!

Another fiasco day for chemo, lol - this time 2 1/2 hours behind!  They had me scheduled for 930 am.  I was there with plenty of time to spare.   The doctor brings down the meds from Lacrosse, and any mixing that needs to be done, they can do right there in the clinic.  First problem - the doc doesn't bother to show up until 945.  Meds need to be checked in, sorted, and those needing mixing (like mine) checked out again to the hospital here in Prairie to be mixed.  It took forever.   I got the IV started at 1150am - and was out of there by 1230.  NUTS.  INSANITY.    Why schedule me for the first dang appointment, if your doctor is chronically LATE?     Can you said mad as hell????  grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr - tomorrow better go smoothly or someone is going to hear about it.   Consequently, I am now behind as my day was shortened by going on 3 dang hours.   Ah well.   At least I got what I needed.    But what would happen if I were the one to be late???   I wish these arrogant doctors would think of these things.

I'm posting the last two clusters made with A Night Out tonight, as I have a long day tomorrow with new releases for The Digichick..and want to make sure I don't forget :)  The first is from Anita, the second from me, using the newsletter freebie for this kit .      and don't forget - It's $2 Tuesday until midnight!


Just click on the images to download.  Sneak peek tomorrow! - Kim


  1. Anita & Kim, thanks so very much for the lovely cluster designs. Both express a delightful evening of fun. Kim, I hear your frustration, and I do hope the future visits are more to what you should be expecting from the medical professionals.

  2. Two really great clusters! Thanks so much.

  3. Beautiful clusters, thank you!

  4. Thanks Anita and Kim. This is such a cute collection and you have given us delightful samples of your creativity.

  5. Some doctors are inconsiderate. Just keep remembering that you have a lot of us here on the internet that admire your talent and are wishing for your full recovery. Think happy thoughts.


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