Monday, July 17, 2017

It's $2 Tuesday at The Digichick - and a great cluster from Jenni! Sale ends tonight!

Let's see - Most important first:  It's $2 Tuesday at The Digichick until midnight Tuesday (tomorrow) - loads of awesome products at incredible pricing for  a short time.  I have 3 great kits in the category - be sure to take a look!    Second - today was an "if anything could go wrong - it did" kind of dad.  Got there at 845 for a 9am appointment for chemo, only to find that the Dr. hadn't signed the they had to hunt her down,  got her signature - then realized they needed her bosses signature too...had to track him down.  THEN they could order my chemo meds, after realizing that not only had they signed the orders, but CHANGED them, too.  So while those were being mixed, the nurse attempted to access my port for the infusion.  No go - couldn't get it (after 4 stabs - OUCH!), so she called in the gal that specializes in accessing ports - she got it on the first try.   At 11 am, we finally got started.   I didn't get home until well after 4 this afternoon....grrrrrrrrrrrrrr - - tomorrow is in Prairie, just 20 mins away, and I know the nurse, she knows me - all will be well :)    and finally tonight - a great frame cluster from Jenni using A Night Out - on sale until midnight tonight at the Digichick!


Just click on the image to download.  See you tomorrow! - Kim


  1. Sorry the day didn't go smoothly. Hope tomorrow is better.

    Thanks for the cluster!

  2. I can relate to your problems with the doctor. I have a form of blood cancer and have to get transfusions about once a month (not nearly as tough as chemo), but I have to have blood tests often and getting someone who isn't so great is really hard. I may have to get a port too. I thought that made it easier! Sounds like not so much, huh?
    Thank you for the fun cluster frame!

  3. So sorry about your day yesterday. It must be so difficult to get yourself psyched up for treatment and then have it delayed. My daughter was scheduled for her first radiation session last Monday and the machine was down. She began having second thoughts about going through with it. Fortunately, she talked it out with friends who have gone through the "C" and did begin treatment on Tuesday. Prayers to you that your future will be brighter. Miracles do happen!


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