Saturday, May 28, 2016

A double tonight - both made with Sugar & Spice :)

It's another stormy day...bright sunshine, decent temps....but....out of the blue black clouds come roaring in, dump tons of rain on us...and leave. 10 minutes.   It's been going on all day, about once an hour, lol.   Enough already!   It's soggy out there.  Leaving me inside with all the online nurseries sending me clearance sale notices is NOT a good idea.  I did order from just one favorite.  Santa Rosa Gardens in California.  I've always received beautiful healthy plants, packaged perfectly....and today was a BOGO sale.  So, um...yeah.   Can't look away from something like that, can I?   I ordered two Jacob Cline Monarda (which means I'll get four)...they always send CLUMPS of Monarda, not just a stem or two :)  And some Coral Bells, and some grass, I forget the name...but it gets big white plumes on it in the late summer, and is good for zone 4.  I'm zone 5, so it should be ok.  I refuse to look in my email again this weekend, lol...hope your holiday weekend has been good so far!   Tonight I have two beautiful freebies for you, both from Chrissy :)  The first is a bordered paper, and the second a frame cluster - in both portrait and landscape views.  

The image above is linked to the direct download. I'll be back tomorrow! - Kim

Friday, May 27, 2016

A Sugar & Spice cluster to share tonight

Wicked storms in the midwest last night and into just finished up here - one of those that you watch coming at you?  I could see the rain falling from at least 1/2 a mile west of us...and it had to be bad to see it like that!  It was calm here at that time...but then the rolling thunder started, lol - and the wind picked up again...and I could see the rain in the distance blowing northeast in sheets.  Not good.   Thanking our lucky stars that it wasn't a long lasting one....we've gone from too dry to over saturated in just a day and a half.  Standing water....ugh.  But hey.  We needed it.  And right now there is bright sunshine again, lol.  Goofy weather!    So, its Friday, and the official beginning of Memorial Day weekend.  Be safe out there!    If you are still home and browsing tonight - I have another lovely cluster that Jenni made using my new collection, Sugar & Spice to share with  you this evening :)

The image above is linked to the direct download. Have a great night, a wonderful weekend....and happy scrapping!  See you tomorrow!  - Kim

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Sugar & Spice - new this week! and a gorgeous cluster from Jenni to share :)

Here we are at the end of May already - and it's Memorial Day weekend so soon?  Eric and I stocked up on Tuesday so we don't have to venture out to Prairie du Chien this weekend....Prairie is a tourist town - lots of campgrounds along the Mississippi and up at Wyalusing Park...and with the main highway into Prairie now under construction, its going to be a mess!   We'll just stay here, and maybe walk into town - weather permitting :)  Have a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend, everyone - and don't forget what the holiday is all about :)

This week I have something for the girls  - Sugar & Spice.  Colorful and filled with loads of awesome elements - it's a must have for your scrap stash.  It's on sale for 30% off until midnight Monday, May 30th.   For those wondering how Anita is doing - she's adjusting, healing, and missing her scrap time!   She loves scrapping - expressing her creative side while preserving memories at the same time - and that is what this is all about, right?    While I miss her wonderful layouts & clusters....I'm hoping she gets home soon, fully recovered and back to her old smiling self :)  Love you, Anita!    Meanwhile...Jenni and Chrissy have made some gorgeous pieces with the new collection to share with you...beginning with one from Jenni tonight :)

and a little inspiration!

Aren't those gorgeous?  I love inspiration!

The image above is linked to the direct download. See you tomorrow! - Kim