Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Night Before Christmas - New Hatchery products! and two great freebies!

Hey there everyone!  Hoping you all had a great Thanksgiving holiday....and somehow it's now December?  Time flies, huh?    Sure seems like it here anyway.   I go thru the chemo sessions, sleep for like, oh...a week straight, and then slowly but surely start to come back out of it....and as soon as I'm feeling pretty decent again, it's time for another round!    I did get some good news, tho - right after Thanksgiving I had some CT work done and an MRI.  Both show that the tumor has shrunk more than 3/4% - and I have free air movement in my right lung again - something I haven't had since July.  This is good news, indeed....because while my diagnosis is a terminal one - it doesn't mean that you can't fight it and hope for remission!  This chemotherapy doesn't work on everyone....I'm one of the lucky ones so far :)   News like that makes it worth the side effects of the chemo :)  SO.....I'm thinking that is my best Christmas gift of the year.     When I'm feeling better, I can find time to work...and I got some new products done for The Hatchery, which is completely restocked!   The Night Before Christmas collection contains 12 packs, priced at $2 each, or the entire collection for just $10!   There is a lot of stuff in here, as you can see, and perfect for the entire winter season :)     I have some awesome clusters to share beginning with one tonight from Jenni!  I'm posting early so I make sure I get one up for you tonight, lol - I feel a nap coming on.  I'm also including the new Fan Template for December for you in case you don't use Facebook.  Have a great evening!

and a little inspiration!

Aren't those fun and fabulous?  I love my Creative Team!

Just click on the images to download!  See you tomorrow! - Kim

Friday, November 25, 2016

An Inner Strength frame cluster to share tonight :)

The Black Friday-Cyber Monday sales at The Digichick along with our $2 Chick Blitz continue thru Monday at midnight - plenty of time to shop!  Last cluster with Inner Strength to share tonight - hope you have a use for it!

Just click on the image to download :)  Have a wonderful weekend! - Kim

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving! and an Inner Strength cluster to share :)

Here is to hoping that my friends in the US had a wonderful Thanksgiving..and are safe and warm.  Eric and I did indeed watch football, eat....and just relax.  I think we both needed it!   For everyone else....hey, it's Thursday - almost the weekend, right?   The Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales at the Digichick are going strong - with our $2 Chick Blitz running, too!  Be sure to stop by and check everything out.   I didn't have anything new this week, but will for next week - - The Hatchery will be restocking!   Always more great deals to be had :)  Meanwhile....I have another gorgeous cluster from Anita to share, made using Inner Strength :)

Just click on the image to download! I have one more to go , so see you Friday! - Kim