Saturday, October 25, 2014

Hallowtide full page corner cluster to share.

 Hope you had a beautiful Saturday!  We lots done, too!  That fresh fall air is a wonderful thing.....I'll be sleeping good tonight (whenever I manage to get to bed, that is!)  Tonight I have another awesome cluster to share with you from Anita....its a corner cluster - full page!  She made it using Hallowtide, which is on sale until tomorrow at midnight for 30% off!

 I have another cluster to share, so I'll be back tomorrow!  Have a great night.  The image above is linked to your download :)  -Kim

Friday, October 24, 2014

Hallowtide clustered tag to share tonight!

  I wasn't quite sure I would be able to post tonight - our DSL went out at 5pm..and good old Centurylink's automated message said they were aware of the problem, and it would be corrected by 5pm on the 25th.   Um.....a full day?  Sheesh.   But at 830, we are!  So posting now, just in case it goes away again :)   Tonight I have another stunning piece - a great layered up tag!  to share with you from Anita....who made it using my new collection, now on sale for 40% off - Hallowtide!

 The image is linked to your direct download :) Love that tag!  I'll be back tomorrow...and you all have a great weekend, ok?   Kim

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Hallowtide - New this week & an awesome cluster!

  I love making more 'adult' type Halloween kits, and have a great one to show you this week!  Hallowtide is packed full with beautiful papers, elements, and extra assorted goodies to help make those wicked end of October layouts!   Best of all, its on sale thru this Sunday for 30% off!  Anita has made some great clusters with this, too - and I'm sharing one of those with you tonight!

and a little inspiration!

Anita                                                               Chrissy

Jenni                                                                 Conny

Emily                                                                      Deb

Marla                                                                   Sondra

Anita                                                                    Chrissy


Aren't those great?  I have such a wonderful team!

 The image is linked to your direct download :) Isn't that a beauty?  I love it :)   Come on back tomorrow for another awesome piece! - Kim