Thursday, July 20, 2017

Sunrise, Sunset - new this week & an awesome cluster from Chrissy to share....

You have no idea how glad I am this week is over.  6 hours of wasted time this week, including today - when I am just supposed to go in for a blood cell booster shot?  They had me scheduled for the wrong place....even tho we double checked yesterday, and my nurse said, Yep, I'll see you tomorrow at 1:15pm.   She wasn't even working today.  So...we quick ran across town (heaven forbid WE are late)...back to the clinic, and I got my shot.    When I visit my doc this next week - you can bet I'm NOT leaving that hospital until I have a confirmed schedule in my hand as I walk out that door.  The night ended last night with storms that were insane - we were lucky and were spared most of it, but got dumped on rain wise, which we needed.   But Prairie du Chien got hit hard.....but hardest hit over our way was in MacGregor, Iowa - they are calling it an EF1 class tornado.  Small enough, but strong enough to destroy historic buildings,  homes, trees down....they have been without power for 24 hours now - in this unearthly heat and humidity.  My heart aches for their losses.

This week I have a very colorful collection created from photos of the sunrises and sunsets in the Upper Mississippi Valley!  Bold color, wonderful textures and all sorts of goodies are found within this glorious collection - you won't want to miss it!  Best of all?  It's on sale for 30% off at The Digichick right now and up until midnight on Monday.  As always, I have some wonderful clusters to share, starting tonight with a dandy from Chrissy using the new collection.   Have a wonderful evening everyone - and to those of us in the midwest....stay cool!


and a little inspiration!

Aren't those gorgeous? 

Just click on the image to download.  More to come! - Kim


  1. WOW! This brought me to tears. Thank you so much for creating. Right now while my daughter goes though the darkness, praying that she finds those stars. Again, thank you for the beautiful creation

  2. I have been reading all your blogs this week and am sooo very sorry to hear what all you've had to put up with. There doesn't seem to be any consideration anymore anywhere!
    I pray that this coming week will be better for you. This is a beautiful new kit. Thank you for all the lovely freebies.

  3. Beautiful quote and cluster--much wisdom there. Thank you Chrissy and Kim for sharing. Wishing you a much better week ahead.

  4. Thank you for the lovely cluster Chrissy. Next week has to be better Kim, lets hope everything goes smoother for you!

  5. This is beautiful, thank you Kim. I too am going on the same journay as you. My right lung was removed and now on Wed I start chemo. All of my cancer was contained in the lung (we can only pray) but they want to do chemo in case some little bugger got loose . I am so amazed how up-beat you are. I'm a bit scared about the chemo, even more then I was about the surgery. I,m learning to live and breath with only one lung, and I know many people do great. I'm in Minnesota, not to far from you. You are amazing, thanks you for sharing your journey, it makes me try a little harder with mine.
    Hugs Donna

  6. thanks a lot for sharing! Keep chin up, still on the road to improving daily, so still praying for you! Have a fabulous weekend!

  7. This is so true and so beautifully done. It seems like there is always one more obstacle Life puts in front of us. You have done so well moving forward. All the best to you next week and always!

    PS Tornadoes scare the **** out of me.


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