Wednesday, May 13, 2015

In the City quick page to share tonight!

Two Eagles doing that dive bomb mating thing they do over our place absolutely GIANT white/tan hawk flying overhead....Mom and Pop Bluebird telling me off when I was weeding and too close to their house  - trying to feed the three babies they have in there...and hummingbirds at all four of my backyard feeders.  Sand Hill Cranes doing their prehistoric type walk out in the field behind us...yakking away  - sun was shining.  Did I enjoy my time outdoors?  Oh yeah.  You betcha!   Can't get much better than that :)    Tonight I have the last item made with In the City to share with you - a gorgeous quick page that Jenni made to share with you!  New Releases are coming out soon...stay tuned!

I'll be back tomorrow with the New Release, and a cluster to share, too!  -Kim


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