Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Two In the City clusters to share tonight :)

I do believe I said yesterday it was rather cold.....today was worse, lol!  Another day inside, but we did go get some compost and peat moss for the new raised bed...its just sitting out there waiting for me to come unbag it and mix it all up!   I took all my beautiful planters that have flowers in them onto the enclosed porch....near freezing tonight, and I'm not about to lose these!   Nature is giving us one last blast, I do believe!

Tonight I have two clusters to share....the first is from Anita, and the second is one I made..both using In the City.  Hope you can find a use for them!

Both images are linked to their downloads :)  yep....more tomorrow! -Kim


  1. Anita & Kim, these are both gorgeous! Thank you so much for your freebies.

  2. Love your work, Anita and Kim. Thank you for your generosity!

  3. You are such a dear, Kim, Thanks for sharing your talent so freely!


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