Thursday, May 14, 2015

Life Everyday: Creativity, new this week! and....a cluster, of course :)

Guess what?   I got all my veggies planted before the rains hit today....which was wonderful, because the rain is one of those soft steady off and on types that will help with avoiding transplant shock!  YAY!      So glad that is done :)

This week I have a new collection - Everyday Life:  Creativity.   This is the first in a series of coordinating collections - they will come out about once a month.  I adore the palette - its so very versatile, and so many different directions I can go with it -and I thought, why not use all the ideas?  So that's the plan!    Should be fun.  As always, its on sale for 30% off at The Digichick until midnight on Sunday - and tonight I have a pretty cool cluster I made with it to share with you!

and a little inspiration!

Beautiful pages and inspiration!

The image is linked to your direct download....come on back tomorrow for another!  -Kim


  1. Kim this is just beautiful and the kit is overflowing with lovely things. Thanks so much.

  2. Wonderful kit! You never fail to inspire and uplift.

  3. Your designs and clusters are very beautiful and creative! Thank you for being so sweet to share your stuff with us!


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