Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Guess what? I can see these two gorgeous freebies! YAY!

It was so late when we got home last night...Eric and I were so tired.....we ate and went to bed early.   Got up this morning to a call saying my glasses are in.....and guess what?  I can SEE again!  Not perfectly...I'm at about 20/30 vision....but nothing is doubled up, nothing is blurry - just have to get used to bifocals.   I will have a kink in my neck soon, me thinks from looking down so much thru these things...but I don't care.  I can see again :)   It's the little things, right?   Since I didn't post last night - I'm making up  for it by pasting one for then, one for tonight - now.  Two beauties from Anita.  Enjoy!

Just click on the images to download - see you tomorrow! - - Kim


  1. Yay to being able to see! It's so miserable when you have to squint and struggle to focus. Happy for you!

  2. Just thought I'd let you know that I get this message when I try to download the "enjoying the Day" cluster

    This page isn’t working
    kimerickreations.net is currently unable to handle this request.
    HTTP ERROR 500

    I'm not sue if it is your site or my computer so I will keep trying, I love your clusters, thank you so much for giving us such lovely freebies.

  3. fabulous on SEEING!!! i've been wearing glasses since i was 10 and i know what you mean .. plus, when i started with cataracts, i felt like i just wanted to cry all the time BUT ... cataracts gone, new glasses (mine are the invisiline bifocals so they are easier to adjust to) and the world is again mostly in focus and rainbow bright!!!

    thank you for the freebies!!!

  4. Thanks so very much for these lovely clusters

  5. Thank you for all the lovely freebies that you give. How are you doing? Hopefully a whole lot better. My prayers are for you, though I have never met you I love you dearly as a sister I have never met and yes a Scrapbooking sister. We scrapbookers stick together you know LOL.


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