Saturday, January 13, 2018

A Whatchagot Cookin'? cluster from Anita tonight.....

Back to freezing again - never got above zero today, and is plummeting downward still - currently it's minus's cold :)   Was watching football with Eric and got tired, so thought I would lay down for hour.  That was at 530pm.   Just got up.   I usually never nap at all - haven't been able to do that all my life.  Suddenly, I find not only am I napping, but I'm good at it, lol - - and sleep hours away.   My doctors told me I would be fatigued.....they weren't kidding!   It's nice to wake up feeling....not quite refreshed...I don't have a word for it.  Satisfied?   Just feeling well rested.   And then promptly remembered I hadn't posted a freebie - so here we are!  Tonight's is another stunner from Anita.

Just click on the image above to download!  See you tomorrow!


  1. Fun fun fun! And I love that the muffin tin looks like it has seen some use!

  2. Great cluster Anita. You never disappoint with your creations. Kim I love all the little spices and herb twig. This is such a clever and creative collection! I don't reallly cook nearly as much as you do, but I am buying this one to scrap photos of my granddaughter cooking--she seems to love cooking.

  3. Thank you very much for this great cluster.


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