Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The final Indian Summer cluster to share tonight!

First of all - the link to Chrissy's cluster from last night is fixed in the post below this  one.....please click on the image again to get the right download :)  Sorry about that!  It rained all day - - and we had one of THOSE kinds of days - we thought Eric's Mom's bank account had been robbed of $1500 - it went from that - a mysterious withdrawal that NONE OF US made, to being the banks fault....back to us....then back to charging a withdrawal to Mom's account that didnt belong to her in the first place.  Long story short, and after dealing with bankers and police...it's the banks mistake, Mom has her $1500 back,  and all is right with the world?  LOL - for a moment at least :)  Tonight I have the last cluster made with Indian Summer to share with you - a beauty from Jenni :)  Have a great evening!  Sneak Peek next!

Just click on the image to download.   - Kim


  1. Such a beautiful cluster, thank you Jenni!

  2. This is a lovely little scene. Thank you!

  3. Fitting, since this seems to have been the last day of our beautiful Indian summer in the midwest. :) Thanks for all the gorgeous goodies you share with us!

  4. Jenni, what more could one ask for than a good book, a comfortable chair, some healthy snacks and a gorgeous day to enjoy them all. Beautifully done dear. Thanks so much. Kim, your day sounds like an Agatha Christie mystery. Glad it is solved and all is well. As always, thank you for the share.


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