Saturday, June 10, 2017

Yucky weather and an awesome word art cluster from Anita!

HOT.   MUGGY.  WINDY.   Does that basically sound like a recap of yesterday?  Unfortunately, it all came back is nasty out there.   and the gnats??  Where in the world did they come from?  Hoards of nasty little black gnats.  I'm finding that if I put a few drops of vanilla (the kind you use for baking) in my hands and rub it down my arms, face, neck...anything that is exposed they leave me alone.   Read about that on the internet somewhere.  But good have to walk around the clouds of those boogers or get a mouthful of them.  Can you say YUCK?   I have to go out and water some of the containers tonight...the wind has thoroughly dried them out.  Thought I had better post this so I don't forget!  An awesome word art cluster that Anita made using A Boy's Life (on sale thru Monday at The Digichick for 30% off!)

Just click on the image to download. More to come! - Kim


  1. Anita, this is GREAT! All of the extra elements (especially the lizard) make this such a fun word art image. Thanks so much - you amaze me every time with your work. Kim - I do hope you did not get a mouthful of bugs today. As always, thank you for the share.

  2. Anita here...thanks so much for the wonderful compliment of my work...I love making some freebies for you all...and wonderful comments keep me going :)

  3. Every day, I look forward to whatever wonderful things you have created!!

  4. Thank you so much Anita, perfect for the little boy pages I still need to work on!


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