Sunday, June 11, 2017

Still hot....and a oh so cool A Boy's Life cluster from Jenni!

Yeah, it's hot.  and muggy.  There was a HUGE storm that blew thru the upper midwest.  Like....REALLY upper  - it didn't even hit Lacrosse when it passed thru Wisconsin.   Lots of hail - I saw images of graders being brought out to clear the streets of all the hail?  That was in upper MN.    So, Eric is out watering again :)   We're going to get a sprinkler on Tuesday when we go into town so we can just set it and let it run for a while.    Hope you had a great weekend, stayed cool, and enjoyed yourself!    Tonight I have another stunner of a cluster to share with you - made with A Boy's Life, from Jenni.

Isn't that awesome? Just click on the image to download. More to come! - Kim


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