Saturday, March 25, 2017

It's ALWAYS somethin' - - and a beautiful cluster to share.

I had to turn off the electricity to the kitch (which also turned off a few other area's)  to wire up my new kitchen fixture today - - Eric was working on his PC ,  and he has just saved so we thought all would be fine.  NOT.   His computer will not turn on.   It's not that it won't won't do ANYTHING.  There is a green light on the back of the tower that is idea what that is.    Checked the power cord, that's not it....took out the battery, tried it on just dice.  SO...we leave earlier on Monday for Lacrosse so we can drop it off at the PC place to see what's wrong.  And maybe go to Best Buy before we leave for the day and check into a new one for him.   Because its LONG over due.  The drive should be ok...sure hoping so, because he hadn't backed up info in quite sometime.  That was our day.  BUT - at least the new fixture looks completely AWESOME, and the part of the backsplash I did today looks awesome, too :)   Hope your Saturday was a good one!    Tonight I have a beautiful cluster from Chrissy to share...made with The Journey!

Just click on the image to download - see you tomorrow! - Kim


  1. Hello and Thank you for this pretty cluster. I hope all works out well with the computer...

  2. Thanks so much for the lovely cluster


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