Friday, March 24, 2017

A quick page made with The Journey to share tonight!

So the doctors warned me of side effects of radiation (so did a lot of you!)  that can happen well after radiation starts, and sometimes even after it stops.    I know that AFTER the head radiation stopped, almost a week went by before my poor hair fell out again....and today I first experienced that deep sudden fatigue I was warned about.   My treatments are everyday at 11:20 am - and at 4 pm today I was suddenly so tired I could hardly walk.  We had stopped by Eric's Mom's to pick up laundry and see what else she might need...were just standing there talking...and I found myself leaning against the wall, eyes watering like mad...yawning...and barely able to keep my eyes open.   Eric took me to the car, I slept all the way home (20 minutes) - came in the house and fell into bed and slept until 7pm.   I feel ok now...still tired, but holy cow - that was one strange experience.  I have NEVER had anything hit me so hard and so fast like that.  I knew things were changing some, as I'm starting to "feel" the burn from the radiation in my chest area...its like having a sunburn on the inside of your throat...and the muscles in my chest are so very tender right now....but the instant fatigue was just plain strange.   Only four more treatments to go!!!!   The countdown resumes on Monday :)  Hope you all have a fantastic - I'm going to relax and hopefully finish up in my kitchen!    

Tonight I have a wonderful Quick Page to share from Erika - I loved her page made with The Journey..and I hope you can find a great use for this quick page she is sharing with you, too!

Just click on the image to download - see you tomorrow! - Kim


  1. So sorry about those nasty side effects of radiation.You are a trooper! Hang in there, girl you are doing great. Hugs. Thank Erica for the QP.

  2. What a nice way to help by sharing a qp or cluster made with one of your kits for you to then share with us. thanks to E and especially thank you for keepin on despite. we all love your beautiful work. C

  3. Bless your heart, I don't know how you do it and keep on working to provide us with such beautiful freebies. Today's QP is awesome!! My prayers for continued strength go to you. Keep on hanging in there, but not for us - for your family.

  4. Simply wonderful, thanks a lot.
    So sorry Kim about the side effects...take it easy and get the fullest of benefits from the treatments...keep hanging in and the prayers are still going up for you!

  5. Hello and Thank you for this one, sometimes a week can be like that...


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