Sunday, May 15, 2016

A gorgeous Blue Willow frame cluster to share this evening!

Well, it got down to 31 last night...but luckily we had no damage here from the frost.  It was covering the grass, tho....sure looked strange!  It snowed further north of us!   Warmed up to about 65 ..and I was able to get out there and finish up that limestone looks fabulous!  A darned good days work.     I came in just a bit ago, and found a message from Anita, who says she is feeling pretty good....THAT made my day complete :)  I hope your weekend was a fantastic one!   Tonight I have another beautiful cluster to share with you from Jenni...made with Blue Willow.  The new collection will be on sale until Monday at midnight for 30% off at The Digichick!

The image above is linked to its direct download. I'll be back tomorrow with another!  - Kim


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