Saturday, May 14, 2016

A beautiful Blue Willow ribbon cluster to share tonight

It's the middle of May isn't it?  We have a FROST advisory tonight...with a predicted low of 32.  Um....yeah, so the veggies that were going to be planted this weekend are back indoors on my kitchen table, lol :)  Glad I haven't put in any annuals yet..and hoping my perennials all make it!  Usually we are safe, being in the valley and so near the river....but......keeping my fingers crossed, just in case!  Hope you are having a good weekend, and definitely a warmer one!   Tonight I have another beautiful cluster from Jenni to share with you  - made with Blue Willow :)

The image above is linked to its direct download. I'll be back tomorrow with another!  - Kim


  1. Jenni, I love this! So simple, yet so lovely. Thanks so much, and Kim, thank you for the share.

  2. I've just downloaded all of the Blue Willow clusters; thanks so much to all of you. They're beautiful, as is the kit.

  3. Awesome! Thank you very much!

  4. So pretty - thank you!


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