Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A perfectly layered cluster from Jenni to share tonight!

Offcially pooped out.  Wiped out.  Exhausted.  Beautiful day - a bit cool, but good enough to keep windows open again.....got holes drilled for the sign on the bathroom cupboard door - then sealed the whole thing.  Working on the chicken wire corners....coat of white enamel on the trim in the bathroom.....then started in on the vanity.  We're going to get a new sink....so I can work only on the bottom half.   I'm going to redo the countertop itself AFTER the new sink goes in.  Just a plain old white oval sink - nothing fancy.   Right now we have a robins egg blue one that has rust spots all around the drain, lol :)  It will be a nice change.     I need to paint INSIDE the vanity, tho...its all dark stained wood in there, and makes it hard to see whats up.  Lots of room for storage tho, and will certainly not only brighten it up, but make it look CLEAN.   I'm all about that look :)  So I am done for today....and spending the night right here catching up on some design work :)  Hope your Tuesday was a dandy!

I have the last cluster made with Generations to share with you tonight...a beautifully layered piece that Jenni made to share with you!  Sneak Peek tomorrow!

The image above is linked to its direct download.  LOVE those layers!  - Kim


  1. I love those layers, too! Thank you :)

  2. I just love this cluster! Thank you :)

  3. Thanks for this beauty.

    I keep reading about all the work you're doing in your home and find that I can relate .. we are renovating at the moment (the master bathroom) and have been for the last two years. So stressful. If I sit down to do some scrapping, it's all I can do to TRY and keep my eyes open.

    Thanks so much sharing over the years..your creativity inspires mine.


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