Sunday, April 10, 2016

A Generations cluster from Chrissy to share tonight!

and.....I painted today finally!   The walls in the bathroom need one final coat - but the trim is done, and the first coat of color is complete.   I'll still have the vanity (which is the length of one wall) to do...but I ordered these oh so cool knobs that I can't wait to put on them - and we took down the wall cupboard door  - its like 17 inches wide by 29 long - weird, I know.   I've got a coat of enamel on that - white (the walls are a sandy color - the white is a wonderful contrast).  The door is sitting on the kitchen table drying (raining off and on today).   I have this piece of cheesecloth out.    See, the bathroom is going to have a country/beach theme.  I know, I know - again with the weird.  But you'll have to trust me on this one, its going to look wonderful.   Anyhow - this piece of cheesecloth ....I'm thinking it would make a wonderful texture on the wall cupboard door.  A coat of modpodge to hold it down, and some poly to seal it.    My mind works in mysterious ways......

So, while I go ponder what avenue to pursue with this cupboard door...I thought I better post tonights cluster :)   Tonights is from Chrissy - made with Generations - on sale until Monday at midnight for 30% off :)

The image above is linked to its direct download.  Hope you had a great weekend!  I'll be back again tomorrow with another cluster to share.  - Kim


  1. Chrissy this is Beautiful. I love the arrangement you decided upon. The colors blend together nicely. Thank you and Kim, thank you for the share.

  2. I would paint it with chalkboard and write positive messages on it.

  3. Nice! What a great cluster :)

  4. Hello and Thank you for this pretty cluster...


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