Thursday, March 31, 2016

Strong Hearts, Courageous Minds - new this week...a beautiful cluster and the April Template to share here tonight!

Here it is the end of March....and I'm still waiting for Spring to settle in :)  It's going to be too cold the next few days  - prevents me from finishing up the painting in here - I don't want to paint with the heat on and blow paint fumes all over!  I did get a  new range hood the other day tho, so I guess I'll be installing that instead :)    This week I have a collection that is two different kits, but they work together perfectly.  I made this with one of my Creative Team members in mind - she is one of the strongest ladies I have ever had the pleasure to know.    Strong Hearts, Courageous Minds is  filled with all sorts of goodies, some templates - lots of stuff, and on sale until Monday for 30% off.   I have some absolutely beautiful clusters packaged up and ready to share, too - starting tonight with a beautiful full page width frame cluster from Jenni!   The new fan template is ready - and I'm including it here for you a little won't be up on the FB page until later tonight.

and a little inspiration!

Beautiful inspiration :)

Here is the April Template.  My CT gals like big photo this one was made with them in mind :)  Just click on the image to download!

The image above is linked to its direct download.    See you tomorrow! -Kim


  1. Beautiful - Thanks

  2. What a lovely page! Thank you so much Jenni and to all of you at kimeric kreations for all you do! You're the best!

  3. This is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you!


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