Saturday, July 4, 2015

A Little Bit Country cluster to share tonight :)

Hope all of you in the US are having a wonderful 4th of July - stay safe!    Eric and I were wondering why its been so darned hazy outside this past week - I just read an article from the NWS in LaCrosse that says its from Canadian wildfires!   Must be burning like mad up there someplace....right above us is Ontario (which is HUGE, and where my friend Anita lives....I have no idea where in Canada this is coming from....but at least we know why we haven't seen the sun all week long (altho it peeks thru from time to time).  Strange stuff, eh?    Tonights freebie is from Anita, too!  She made it using my new collection, A Little Bit Country.   The collection and the new templates will be on sale until Sunday at Midnight for 30% off at TDC :)

Here is a layout using one of the templates!  Anita made this page, featuring one of her grandchildren, Levi (who is a twin!)

Have a great evening - watch some fireworks!  and I'll see you tomorrow!  -Kim


  1. Anita, this is gorgeous! Thanks so much for the share Kim.

  2. What a beautiful cluster! Thank you to both of you! Hope the smoke doesn't cause any respiratory problems for you or Eric. If wildfires are bad this early, I hate to see what more comes as the summer progresses. Be safe!

  3. TThank you so much for this beautiful cluster and all the other freebies!


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