Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Always & Forever quick page - and its gorgeous!

Yep, still stiff and sore, lol - but kinda lovin' it!  I have to take advantage of the good weather.  Got tons done, and still had some time to work on things for this weekend.....its NSD weekend coming up you know!   Lots going on at The Digichick, too!   I'll be sending out the store newsletter tomorrow night with all the details for everyone :)  Tonight, I have a gorgeous quick page that Anita made with Always & Forever to share - its just so darned beautiful!  Hope you can find a good use for it!    I have one more piece to share - I'll be doing that early tomorrow - so much to do on Wednesdays to begin with, and tomorrow...well.  Let's just say its about double the norm :)  PLUS - the new Digiscrap Parade starts on the 1st, and I have a great new FB template to share, too!  I'll be posting them all here for you, too :)  Have a great night!

 The image is  linked to your direct download.  I'm rather proud of myself for NOT messing up the links this week, lol - - of course there is always tomorrow!  See you then :) -Kim


  1. Yes, this is definitely a gorgeous QP, thank you Anita and Kim!

  2. Thank you for the gift you have given us today.


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