Thursday, June 19, 2014

My Favorite Things - New this week! (and a cluster!)

I know I've been complaining that it was dry here....and we needed rain (after that winter we had here...who'da thunk that?) - - well it rained.  Fortunately, we were spared the really bad to my neighboring states, as well as my own, that were hard hit by the Monday night storm and tornadoes - - hope you are all safe and sound and/or recovering well!  It got nasty around these parts!  South Dakota and Nebraska were hard hit, Iowa had lots of damage, and we saw some tornado activity here in Wisconsin, too - not here in the Mississippi Valley tho.  My heart goes out to all of my fellow Midwest dwellers!

This week I have a great collection that focus's on those favorite things we have in our lives.  It's colorful, a bit shabby, and filled to overflowing with goodies - and of course, on sale, too!  It's 30% off in my shop at the Digichick right now thru Sunday at midnight.

and a little inspiration!

Gorgeous pages, as always, from my fantastic creative team!!

For tonights cluster freebie, Anita sent over that gorgeous drop down cluster from the top left layout up there ^ - - and I just know you will love it!!

The image is linked to your direct download.   I have some more beauties to share with stay tuned :)   -Kim


  1. Love ALL your clusters.. snagged ALL of them lol.. thanks for being so generous..very Sweet of ya!!!

  2. I have dl. a lt of the beautifull clusters today, back to October, as I have been sick and hardly have had the computer open. Thank you so much to both of you - and for having the links up for so long!

    Hugs Kirsten.

  3. Thanks so very much for your awesome creations, how you come up with all these magnificent clusters
    each week is mind blowing thanks again for sharing


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