Tuesday, June 17, 2014

$2 Tuesday at the Digichick and a Summer Cottage cluster :)

It got nasty last night, but thankfully our area was spared the bad stuff. Unfortunately, others weren't....and my thoughts and prayers are with those that were hard hit here in the midwest!  Tonight, I have another gorgeous frame cluster to share with you that Jenni made using my latest collection, Summer Cottage :)

The image is linked to your direct download :)  I have one more piece to share with you..and Sneak Peeks tomorrow!!  -Kim

P.S.  It's also $2 Tuesday at the Digichick - - and I have two products up for $2 each until midnight!  You can grab these in the next few hours:

See you tomorrow!


  1. Thank you - Kat!

  2. Thank you / Anna

  3. Beautiful frame cluster. Thank you so much.

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  5. У вас очень красивые работы)))


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