Friday, July 19, 2013

Creative Soul cluster 2 :)

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!   We are going to try - altho the weather isn't really cooperating again!  Hot and might rain on Sunday, and then again - maybe not.  Remember how it flooded here twice this spring/early summer?   Not that I want to go thru that again, but now all the grass is turning brown!  From one extreme to the other.  At least we can get out there and water stuff!     Since its so hot tho - maybe you want to stay inside and scrap!  I have a great new collection just for that purpose.   Creative Soul is now on sale in my shop for 30% off until Sunday night at midnight.      Tonight's cluster is another beauty from Anita.    She created some gorgeous pieces for you - - and made some fantastic layouts, too!  Enjoy :)

Here is another layout that Anita made - a GSO winner, too!
Such a beautiful piece!  The image is linked to your direct download.  -Kim


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