Thursday, March 14, 2013

New Releases & a cluster freebie!

Yep, its new release time already! I have lots to show you, and a cool freebie down below, so I'll keep this short and sweet this week :) Two new releases - the first, a collab with Designs by Amber Morrison! I love collabing with Amber - love her templates! This is a great set - A Touch of Spring. There are 4 templates in PSD, TIFF, PNG and .page formats and the kit contains 11 shabby solid papers, 15 patterned papers, a full alpha set and 43 elements, all on sale now for 30% off in my shop at the Digichick! Be sure to check out Ambers shop, too - great templates there!!

and a little inspiration:

Next up is something completely opposite! A collection thats bold and full of color - Every Moment Matters celebrates the "everyday" in our lives! Available separately or as the bundled collection, its also on sale now for 30% off in my shop. The kit contains 12 solid and 21 (yep, 21!) patterned papers,and 54 elements (yep! 54!), and there is an alpha pack, word art pack, graffiti pack, journal card pack, and a bonus paper pack that is NOT available separately but is in the collection bundle.

So...let's start the cluster freebies with this beauty that Anita made using the collab, A Touch of Spring!  The image is linked to your direct download - Enjoy!  -Kim


  1. Hmmm, it's not working. I'll try again tomorrow.

  2. I, too, am having problems getting the download as the server times out while waiting for a response. Hope that will be resolved soon as I've missed the last two lovely clusters.


  3. As usual, so beautiful!! I love this kit, the colours are great and the layouts are fabulous. Of course when I look at them, I am always assuming I can do them just as good.... but never do :o)

    Kind regards
    Helen from Eng;and

  4. Gorgeous collections - love all the fabulous layouts!
    Thanks for this lovely gift.


  5. I love your art, but I'm only being teased lately because they will not d/l... lol.... I'm sure glad to know I'm not the only one having problems downloading, (thought it was because I was on a mac) this is also the 2nd one that won't download for me, keeps telling me 'server where this file is located isn't responding' ... been trying for 4 days now... different times of day and all, but to no success... this is something that started with the last two gifts, been d/lng them for months now and didn't have this problem before... sigh..... Judee

  6. I've reattached the zip - - no idea why its not downloading for some of you? I can download it fine (sure, works for me, right?) but I also had 3 other people try from different parts of the world, LOL....and it worked for them, too? Please try it again? and if nothing else, shoot me an email and I will send you the direct links for which ever ones you may have missed. They never expire, so no worries there. You can email me at, and include which cluster you may need.

  7. I haven't been able to download all week...not sure what the problem is. Will keep trying. Love your kits and freebies.

  8. Very pretty. Thank you.

  9. Lovely thank you


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