Friday, March 15, 2013

A Touch of Spring cluster freebie :)

Been one of those days - - sitting here scratching my head trying to figure out why a few people are having trouble downloading the freebies lately!  I put in a support ticket with my host to see if they can find any sort of glitch.  Seems its just a handful of people, but they can't download no matter what browser they use, whether its a PC or Mac....even if I send the direct link.  It's as if my server is hiccuping for them, and timing out.  So in the meantime....I uploaded the clusters to too - for those of you that are having trouble.   If you need anything prior to this week, please email me at  with the DATE of the post for the cluster, and I'll get it to you :)  For those of you that didn't get last nights cluster - - you can grab it from   HERE  .    So.  onward.

Tonights freebie is also from Anita, made using my new release "A Touch of Spring" - a collab with one of my favoritie template makers, Amber Morrison at the Digichick.  It's on sale right now thru Sunday for 30% off, too!

The image is linked to the direct download - for those who have trouble, you can grab it at  HERE  .   I tested the direct link, and it works for me (both do), so hopefully you can get it one way or the other!  Enjoy!!  -Kim


  1. Thanks so much for providing the alternate download location. I, too, was unable to download the last two clusters using the usual link; and I would have hated to miss out receiving your beautiful freebies.


  2. Thank you for this beautiful cluster frame!
    The direct download worked perfect for me.


  3. Thank you for the beautiful frame with the cluster! I don't ever have a problem downloading them. (We have Comcast.) Donna

  4. Lovely!!! Thank you so much for making and sharing your so beautiful creations!


  5. so pretty-could you perhaps add an alternate download link, pretty please

  6. Love all your work!! thank you so much for sharing :)


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