Thursday, July 12, 2012

New this week at the Digichick!!

Know what?  I am a horrible blogger.   It's always an "oh yeah!" moment when I remember that I should be doing this....regularly!  Darn it all anyway.  Anyone want to do it for me??  LOL.....

I have a new kit this week at the Digichick which is near and dear to my heart....Bessie's Treasure Box.  Its in honor of my Great Grandmother Bessie Ahrens, queen of anything homemade and treasure keeper extrodinaire!   She had this big box filled with momento's, keepsakes, photo's, newspaper clippings, you name it.  As a kid, I loved visitiing her - - there wasnt' any indoor plumbing other than a hand pump at the kitchen sink.  She did have a from the 40's that still worked (the kind with that round fan thing on the top!).  The bathroom was the outhouse out back.  Grandma's home was filled with all her handmade creations and antiques galore...she lived in a little village in Illinois named Hebron.  There were stray cats all over the place outside...down by the barn shy that we could never catch one.   I loved going there!   So...this kit is a tribute to my Great Grandma.

It's on sale right now for 20% off thru Sunday, too :)  Hope this post finds you staying cool and safe!  Enjoy your weekend!  -Kim

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