Monday, April 10, 2017

When it rains.......

When it rains....  now it's Eric's mother that is ailing....she has a bad heart and diabetes to begin with....and found herself at the ER last night - with a bowel obstruction and found herself the proud owner of a new abnormal heartbeat.  They transferred her to Lacrosse (yep, same place I go to, and where Eric's father passed away in January) and were hoping that the obstruction would resolve itself, but have now scheduled her for surgery on Thursday.  This is NOT the best news as she is also overweight..and the combo of all her "bad things" do NOT make for a good scenario.  Honestly, it scares me!   We followed the ambulance to Lacrosse at 3am this home about 9am...up for 24 hours, and crashed until about 330 this afternoon.  It's been one heck of a "new year" so far for Eric and I...and we are beginning to wonder when the heck it will ever end!   I should be home at nights...and able to post updates and clusters, tho.   I have a check up in the morning, so we will check on her then.  That's the news from Kimeric Kamp tonight...and I also have a beautiful cluster from Chissy to share tonight - made with Scarborough Fair!  The collection is on sale until midnight tonight!  You can find it HERE.

Just click on the image to download - See you tomorrow! - Kim


  1. This is lovely, thank you! I love flowers with multicolors in them.

  2. So sorry to hear about Eric's Mom. Hope all goes well, you guys have had more than your fair share of issues lately!

    Thanks for the cluster!

  3. Chrissy, a beautiful cluster. Thanks so much. Kim, a safe journey tomorrow, and get well wishes for Eric's mother. Remember to take care of YOU. As, always, thank you for the share.

  4. Thank you Chrissy, this is a lovely cluster. So sorry about Eric's Mom. I hope everything works out OK if she has surgery...Great advise above, you need to take care of you since you have been through a lot yourself!

  5. Hello and Thank you for this pretty cluster. I hope all goes well for your Mother-in-Law...


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