Wednesday, March 29, 2017

A beautiful quick page made with The Journey tonight!

Just tomorrow to go and I am DONE with radiation!  YAY!!!   Seems like this has been going on forever....and now it will be finally over with.  My doc says that the symptoms will probably get worse before they subside...I think I can handle that, tho.   I see my regular oncologist on April 11th, and then Dr. Driscoll again on May 4th.  MRI that day because of the clinical trial I was on.   Feeling tired - and I get hungry lots more than usual....but other than that, just plain THRILLED to be done.   I can stay home :)   SO...posting early tonight because New Releases are coming out in just a bit here, and I've got a good one  :)   Tonight I have the last freebie made with The Journey - a gorgeous quick page from Anita.

Just click on the image to download - New releases will be out around 7/8 pm - Kim


  1. Anita, FAB as always dear. Wonderful message too! Thanks so much, and Kim, as always, thank you for the share. Congratulations on your last trip tomorrow. A safe journey.

  2. I am so happy to hear you are finishing radiation and hope your MRI brings good news. Keeping you in my prayers and sending healing hugs.

  3. Kim, so happy you are finishing treatment...hopefully your symptoms will not last too awfully long! Prayers still being sent your way! Very thankful that you are doing so well!
    Thanks so much for the new freebies and template! Think I will have to see about finding extra monies for this kit! LMBO! Have a fantastic weekend!


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