Sunday, June 19, 2016

Two Unforgettable clusters tonight!

All in all, a wonderful weekend!  Hope the day was special in some way for everyone...those guys in our lives deserve a little recognition every once in a while :)    I spent the day helping Eric record some music - it's what he asked for, lol - so that's what he got.  I have a nice dinner planned, tho...bacon wrapped pork tenderloin on the's just about finished, so thought I better get this posted before I'm too stuffed to move.     Two clusters tonight...both made with my new release Unforgettable, which is on sale until Monday at midnight.   The first one is from Jenni...the second one is from Chrissy!  Have a great night!

Just click on the image3 to download!   See you tomorrow.  - Kim


  1. Jenni & Chrissy, these a both lovely. Thank you so much, and Kim, thank you for the shares.

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  3. Thank you for your time and talent and generosity for sharing with us!


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