Thursday, September 18, 2014

Antiquities - New this week! and a beautiful frame cluster for you :)

Do you realize that in just a few days it will officially be Fall in the US?  I sure can tell here in Wisconsin - - that scent in the air is so crisp!  Temps have dropped...I picked my last tomatoes and peppers....need to do some more canning in the next few days :) Time for salsa, me thinks!  Autumn is Eric's favorite time of year - and if I were forced to choose...just for the sheer beauty, I would have to side with him.  I just hate seeing all my beautiful flowers die off :)  Anyway...I'm welcoming Autumn with open arms this year!  It's always a time for Antiquing for me, and the Market Under the Bridge over in Iowa will begin in a few weeks..and I love going to that every year!  This new collection, Antiquities, is based upon that "feel".  Soft, shabby, and filled to the brim with great elements, graffiti, papers - the usual assortment that I include, its now in the shop and on sale for 30% off until Sunday at midnight!  and...tonight I have a beautiful frame cluster to share with you from Anita, who made it using the new collection :)

and a little inspiration!

Anita                                                                      Deb

Jenni                                                                      Chrissy

Deanna                                                                        Marla

Deb                                                                 Anita

Emily                                                              Conny

Jenny                                                                         Emily

Absolutely gorgeous work from  my Creative Team!

 The image is linked to your direct download.  There are two frames in the download, upright and 'sideways' :)  See you tomorrow! - Kim


  1. Thank you so very much for this beautiful cluster frame. Love the photos of the layouts and especially the one titled The Treadle by Jenny (I learned to sew on a treadle like this) and the one by Deb of Grandpa & Great Aunt Marion (I am trying to scan all of our ancestors old pictures). All of the layouts are really beautiful.

  2. Thank you so much!

  3. I love your work! Soo beautiful! Thank you!

  4. Hello and Thank you for this lovely frame...


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