Friday, April 17, 2020

Spring Thing & a Freebie

Kimeric Kreation's "Spring Thing" collection is now available at MyMemories!

One of the things that we all loved about Kim was her ability to draw us into her life and make us feel part of her family.

This is what Kim wrote when she released "Spring Thing."

Yeah, I know.  It's not Spring yet.  A gal can hope, can't she?  And - of course - last night we got another 5-6 inches of snow.  Could have been worse I 'spose.  One of my CT gals, Deb, lives on the other side of the Mississippi from me in Minnesota.  A little further north, too.  She 11 inches.  Never fear, tho - I'll stop moaning about winter soon enough me thinks.  Prepare yourselves!  It will be flooding next.   With all this snow, and the frost line so deep this year . . . the mighty Mississippi won't be able to handle all the water.  Lucky me, I'm right in between the Mississippi and Wisconsin Rivers - NOT.   It's going to get messy before it ever gets "pretty" out there again!  But like I said....a gal can hope!  So - I made "It's a Spring Thing" just to make me happy :)  

Inspiration from Kim's Creative Team:

And, of course, a beautiful Freebie for you! Click on the image below to download!

See you next week!

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