Friday, October 25, 2019

September Skies, a Freebie, and Inspiraiton

Kimeric Kreations "September Skies" is now available at MyMemories!

Enjoy a 30% savings on individual packs and save EVEN MORE with the purchase on the entire Collection!

Here is what Kim had to say about this collection at its original release:

Fall.  Autumn.  My favorite :)  The leaves are beginning to turn here at the bottom of the ridge...this photo is for Sandi - I promised a photo :)  It's at the very top of the ridge, about 2 miles from our place. The small red "trees" are very common along the roadside here - smooth sumac; the 'white' trees are birch...the oranges and yellows going up that ridge are the native maples.  We are supposed to "peak" for color around October 15th - I'm thinking that date may be a bit late...more like October 5th-8th me thinks. you go Sandi!

I love the sunrise/sunsets of September, late September.  The colors are simply gorgeous...and I made this collection from the sunsets in Wisconsin - aptly named September Skies.  Its filled with all sorts of beautiful papers and elements!

 Here is a lovely cluster for you, created by Anita, from Kim's Creative Team. Click on the image below to be taken to the store to download.

Need inspiration? We've got it for you!
These layouts were created by Kim's Creative Team.

See you next week!

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  1. Perhaps I am misunderstanding the "gift" for September skies. It is $2.99 at MyMemories. Thank you for clarifying.


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