Friday, June 14, 2019

Hey everyone!

Getting on a regular release schedule with MyMemories took some planning and adjusting, but we finally have it down! We are out of sync with MyMemories by a week, so today, we have not ONE and TWO Day at the Beach Freebies for you. AND we have put Day at the Beach on sale for you again!

Save 30% off through June 21st, here at MyMemories.

I'll see you next week with a new-to-MyMemories release. (Shhh….Go ahead... Check your stash and see if you have Denim and Daisies, so you can be ready for it. You're going to love it!)

For now, click HERE to download the Day at the Beach Freebies, and be sure to visit MyMemories to pick up the Collection if you don't already own it!

See you next week!

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