Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Two Summer Cottage clusters from Anita today!

Today I got an email from the head of Patient Services saying they are looking into this.  Trust me, I do NOT want anyone fired..but she should apologize and be reprimanded to some extent.    So, I'm glad I wrote! 

I have a HUGE sale in the Going Going GONE! Kimeric Kreations section of the shop!  Save at least 60% - and points are allowed.  If you run into trouble with points, let me know...I could have forgotten to fix a product or two!   Today I have two clusters that Anita made using Summer Cottage to share with you!  New Releases are coming out tonight....yep!  I have one!   The GGG sale will still continue, tho :)


Just click on the image above to download!  See you tomorrow!


  1. Lovely and delicate! Thank You!

  2. Very pretty and so nicely made. I'm a big believer in reporting someone who does an excellent and/or very special deed. I also believe in reporting someone who is incompetent and/or mean!

  3. Thank you for these!
    And i echo Scarette ... anyone working in a service industry who deals with clients/patients really needs to be empathetic and understanding, despite their personal situation. Everyone has bad days but it shouldn't reflect in their work. Personal issues need to be left at the door. You did the right thing.


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