Thursday, March 8, 2018

She Drew New Lines - and a cluster to share!

 This new drug is a doozy, lemme tell you! Most of that weakness is gone - now I have a burning in my chest.  You know when you have run for a long long time?  That feeling that your chest is on fire on the inside?  Yeah - that is what it feels like.  Funny I can remember that, lol - I haven't run like that for a long time, altho Eric and I did hike all over this area uphill - that counts, right?       This week I have a rather artsy collection entitled She Drew New Lines.  It's filled with color and all sorts of awesome goodies to scrap with, and best of all it's on sale for 30% off!   I have some really beautiful clusters to share with it also - - starting tonight with a beautiful piece from Chrissy!

and a little inspiration!

Aren't those awesome?  I love my Creative Team!

Just click on the image above to download!  See you tomorrow!


  1. Chrissy beautiful floral as always. Thanks so much. Kim, I do hope the effects of the drug don't cause you too much discomfort. Prayers sent up that it is working to full capacity to kill the invader. Get rest, relax, enjoy tomorrow with Eric. As always, thank you for the share.

  2. I love the lines in this art, it's very pretty, thank you ladies!

  3. I was glad too hear you made it home safe with all the bad weather. Also I hope you get back to feeling better soon. I love this collection Kim, lots of great colors and interesting elements. Chrissy has created a very beautiful cluster. Thank you both very much!

  4. Thank you Chrissy. Love the letter graffiti behind the floral and the feathers.
    Kim, so sorry for your discomfort from the drugs but maybe that means they are working hard to kill the C cells. Wishing you the best and more comfortable hours today.

  5. I think this kit is so pretty. I can not wait to scrap with it tonight. I seriously love it. thanks


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