Friday, February 2, 2018

In hot water? Nope, not here..and a gorgeous cluster from Jenni!

Happy Friday!  Hoping you are having a great day, a better night, and a fun weekend!  We found out the hard way that our water heater died....Eric jumped in the shower, thought to himself "it will get hot" soon....and all it did was get colder.  Keep in mind that it was 5 degrees outside, lol....I kept hearing "Oh.My.God!" coming from the bathroom.....but he sounded ok, so I didn't go running.   Well, when he told me what happened - I wanted to laugh and say "thank heavens it was YOU and not me!!!"  but I didn't .  We spent our 11th anniversary pricing water heaters.  There goes about $800  - around $550 for the new heater and the rest for installation I'm betting.  BUT - at least it didn't blow out the bottom (I had that happen before) - and yes, it could just be the element....but its 10 years old and we have VERY hard water new it is.  We'll order it on Monday and hope they can install it on Wednesday - we'll be in Madison on Tuesday.   Boiling water on the stove this weekend..and no showers, lolol :)   Anyway - tonight I have a beautiful cluster from Jenni to share with you, made with Feel The Love of course!  

Just click on the images above to download!  See you tomorrow!


  1. Thank you Jenni and Kim for the lovely cluster.

  2. Happy Anniversary to you & Eric!! (belated) Good luck with your testing & clinical trial. - I hope the new water heater gets replaced quickly.

  3. ty for lovely cluster.

    Hope you are well prayer go out for you.


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