Friday, February 9, 2018

A gorgeous With Love . . . cluster from Anita tonight!

This week sure seemed to go by fast....maybe it was all the snow?  We got about 4 inches...not as much as Chicago - but we were cracking up at the announcers on some of the TV channels going on like we were in some HUGE blizzard....Um, guys?  This isn't the south - lolol - we live in Wisconsin.  We are used to it!  Ah well.  Considering that I have lived thru a 2 ft dumping of snow back in the late 70's to over 5 feet of the white fluffy in 2001 - - this is nuttin :)   Stay snug and warm where ever you may be!  Tonight I have a wonderful cluster to share with you from Anita, using With Love . . . 

Just click on the image above to download!  See you tomorrow!


  1. Thank you Anita. You certainly have a talent for creating beautiful clusters with the lovely goodies designed by Kim. Thanks to both of you!
    PS And Kim I totally agree with you that 4 inches of snow in the south (I live in Georgia) will stop everything--even the threat of snow stops everything. LOL

  2. Thank you Anita and Kim for this beautiful cluster. Kim we to here in northeast Indiana dido. not get as much as they said we were going too. Stay warm and drink lots of hot chocolate. :)


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