Sunday, December 31, 2017

An awesome quick page from Anita tonight! Happy New Year!

Yep, still frigid here in good old Wisconsin.   The good news?  The Badgers won the Orange Bowl last night...a wonderful game.   The bad?  The Packers somehow looked like they were in Detroit today...but obviously stayed home.   A rotten way to end a season, that's for sure.   Ah well.  Next year, right?    If you are partying tonight - please stay warm, safe!   And if not...make some great new memories at home.    Tonight I have an awesome quick page that Anita made to share with you combining the Merry Christmas mini from last week and this week's A Fresh Start!  The new template will be posted on the FB page later tonight...I will post it here tomorrow for you.

The image above is linked to your direct download :)  See you tomorrow! - Kim


  1. Great QP. I do love that dear in shoes and the unique Christmas tree. Love the layered background also. Thanks for everything you do sharing your creative talent--both of you Kim and Anita. Happy New Year!!!


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