Monday, October 2, 2017

Just a lousy day, wasn't it? and a Vintage Pink cluster to ends tonight.

Woke up today to the news of what happened in Vegas - I'm finding this world a bit much lately with this kind of thing - - and have no words to express how I feel about it.  So very sad, and unnecessary!  And I will leave it at that as my opinions are just that, mine - and don't need to be forced onto others.  My thoughts and prayers are with all those that lost someone/had someone injured in the senseless slaughter.   Then, later today - I read that Tom Petty had passed away, which as of this very moment, turned out to be wrong.  He is on life support - and not expected to make it, tho.  While his group was never one of my favorites, I did enjoy his music....and he was a Wilbury, for pete's sake - of which there are two left.   TWO.   Just a rotten day!

Tonight I have a cluster from Jenni to share with you, made with Vintage Pink of course - which is on sale until midnight tonight at the Digichick.  Have a peaceful evening, everyone :)

Just click on the image to download.  See you tomorrow! - Kim


  1. Jenni, this is just delightful! I smiled immediately when I saw it. Thanks so very much. Kim, yes, it is a very sad day today. Prayers sent up for lost lives and ones struggling to stay alive. As always, thank you for the share dear.


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