Thursday, October 12, 2017

Elegant Autumn - new this week, and a beautiful cluster from Olga to share tonight!

Hello everyone!   I hope you all picked up some great bargains this past weekend - and enjoyed your DSD celebrations!  I was busy as usual, and nervous about my doctors appointment on Tuesday - - it all worked out well, tho...more details about that one in the post below :)   So...let's see here.   Sometimes you just have to do something a bit different, and Elegant Autumn is my 'different' fall collection this year.   Using a softer palette, I came up with the collection - hope you like it!  It's filled with all sorts of goodies to scrap with, and of course is on sale for 30% off until Monday at midnight .  As always I have some gorgeous pieces that my CT has made to share with you using the new release - tonight's is from Olga, and it's a beauty!

and a little inspiration!

Aren't those beautiful??  

Just click on the images to download. See you tomorrow!  -Kim


  1. Olga, Kim is correct. This one is a beauty. I think it's gorgeous!!!
    Thanks so much. Kim, as always, thank you for the share.

  2. You still have so much creativity in ya, glad you get to stick around a little longer :) Hearing how you overcome in personal struggles and health issues helps all of us to be stronger in our own. Keep strong and positive. Thanks C

  3. Love the color palette this week! Thank you for the NL freebies - they are awesome!

  4. Oh, absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much!

  5. This is so cheery! I LOVE Autumn, but it can be a melancholy time. This is the perfect antidote! ;) <3

  6. Thank you very much, just love it !


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