Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Doing pretty darned good tonight & a cluster from Jenni!

And here we are back with typical Wisconsin fall weather...never got above 60 here today and went from a beautifully sunshiney kinda day to raining since 2pm.  I am NOT going to complain about today tho!   That spot on my liver is miniscule - hardly detectable right now, and has shrunk as far as it can go...so no more chemo for this gal for now :)   Bad news?  kinda, but fixable - - blood clots in my lungs.  Cancer patients get thickening of the blood...and I got it - - so for the rest of my life, no matter how long that might be, I am on blood thinners - the kind that comes in a shot to the belly twice daily.   Even with my EMS and ER backgrounds, I still can't give myself a shot - so they trained Eric to do it - and he already gave me one while at the hospital today - didn't even feel it, so I hired him :)  Yeah right, like he has a choice...I know:)  But, this will break up the bunches of small clots stuck in the old lungs..and all the low energy, swollen calves, shortness of breathe and extremely rapid heartbeat should be gone by Friday.  See?  Fixable.   Periodic checks for now, and I'm being enrolled in a clinical trial just for sm. cell cancer patients, which is over in Madison at the UW.  My old stomping grounds.  So...yeah.  Other than the weather - not such a bad darned day after all.  I have to take it easy and do nothing until Friday, so I"m using that time for design work only.  Eric won't let me do more anyhow.  Darned good guy I have here, that's for sure!    Anyway...I'm leaving my part of the blog hop up for tonight..and will move it to the sidebar tomorrow.    Tonights freebie is from Jenni - made with Autumn Serenade.

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  1. Jenni, this is beautiful. I really like how the flower petals fade out a bit at the edges. Kim, you have had a big day. I do hope the chemo is done forever, and the little spot goes away. The blood clots will be gone soon, and the best thing for now is to rest, relax and enjoy each other.
    As always, thank you for the share.

  2. Thank you for sharing. I'm so glad to hear your positive news. Praying things continue to go your way.

  3. You are a remarkably positive person. That goes a long way and happy to hear the positive news.

  4. Hated those tummy shots. Had to do them for 4 wks after my surgery back in 2014. I did them myself-not too awful but really no fun. Glad all is looking better for you. Vicki N

  5. So good to hear that you're headed for healthier days ahead. Thank goodness you have Eric there. Pretty sure I wouldn't be able to give myself a shot either.
    I've found out a lot of things from friends who've had chemo recently and each one has a different story. I'm getting educated.

  6. TYVM for the freebies! BOTH Autumn kits are beautiful! (My favorite time of year!!) Sending you BUNCHES of POSITIVE VIBES!! I've done radiation for thyroid cancer, but no chemo, so no prescription blood thinners. Glad Eric is stepping up. That kind of support is priceless and can make a huge difference in your fight! I grew up in Northern IL, and lived in various areas of WI, from Dodgeville to Oshkosh to Cedarburg, so I know just what kind of weather you're having right now! Sláinte ~ Kiki aka mcgaelicgal


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