Thursday, July 27, 2017

What Could Go Wrong? - New this week and a double freebie!

Things are finally getting back to normal around here....cleanup is progressing - so much damage!   Still so very thankful that we weren't directly hit :)   It's odd seeing places GONE now, tho - either blown away in the storms, or razed already - lots of historical buildings went down this time.    I don't care what anyone says - climate change IS real.   Tornadoes in a river valley in Wisconsin are unheard of.  So are straight line winds like we had - - once in a blue moon , maybe.  But to cross the Mississippi River from Iowa into Wisconsin?  No way!    Shuttin up now, lol - before you think I'm getting all political on ya :)  I'm not.   I just know that things are changing, and NOT for the better.

This week I have a brand spankin' new collection named What Could Go Wrong?  to share - - filled with bold color and quirky elements, it's on sale now at The Digichick for 30% off until Monday at midnight.    I have some oh-so-cool freebies to share, too - - starting tonight with a twofer from Janet - - a beautifully blended paper and a frame cluster!   Lots happening as always around here AND The Digichick!  

and a little inspiration!

Aren't those fun and fabulous?  I love my Creative Team!

Just click on the image to download.  See you tomorrow! - Kim


  1. I'm loving the title of this collection and the colors. Must go to Digichick and check it all out. Thanks so much for the download--a great page--cluster and paper!

  2. Love this and thanks for the freebie from newsletter too. stay safe in the very unpredictable weather. Off to visit some on digichick...Have a terrific weekend!

  3. Thank you for the combo here! I love it when the two are separate instead of a quick page. Versatile.

  4. The weather is changing. We've had a lot of terribly windy days in northern Illinois. We've had to chase covers for furniture, grills and trash cans. Usually that only happens once a year, not once a week.


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