Monday, July 3, 2017

Sale ends tonight & a Beautiful Moments cluster from Anita!

Today was gorgeous.   Finished up weeding in between the limestone we laid around the deck platform...and it's back to looking glorious again!  YAY!   Finished off the afternoon by cleaning and refilling our six hummingbird feeders.  Made juice yesterday - so those little rascals are good to go now, too.   I love good weather :)      Tonight ends the new release sale for Beautiful Moments - it lasts until midnight.   I have a cluster to share from Anita made with it, too!

 Just click on the images to download. See you tomorrow! - Kim


  1. Beautiful message Anita. Thanks for all your beautiful clusters. Always a joy to see your work. Kim, relax tomorrow, enjoy the day, and as always, thank you for the share.


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