Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Sick kittycat and the last cluster with A Boy's Life. New Release coming soon!

Lots more rain today - - and we had to take our precious male kitty to the vet....he had been throwing up for two days....and was getting dehydrated.    They are keeping him overnight - and other than a mild fever, all his tests come back normal.   Sometimes before he threw up he would grind his teeth, as if chewing on something - and the vet is stumped.   They are trying a hairball treatment tonight along with some food to see how he does.  If nothing happens, he will be xrayed tomorrow.   We love our Sunshine Dude - he is an orange tabby, and littermate/brother to our other cat Hosanna, our female.  They will be 9 at the end of August....we've had them since they were six weeks old.  Never been sick..and we took them to all scheduled vet's visits - so we are as stumped as the vet on this one.   Got to Eric's mom's after that (stopped to pick her up some groceries and I found some awesome flowers on clearance for her porch), only to find out that from now on we are also responsible for her daily leg wraps for lymphedema.     Can anything else happen??  LOL - - I just pray that my CT in July comes up normal again - - we don't need more headaches right now :)  Mainly - I'm just missing our Sunshine.  He is a dufus - and behaves more like a puppy (or crazed kitten) than a full grown cat.   He is our loverboy, always wanting to be petted and sleeps with us under the covers.  Hopefully, he will be back home tomorrow and on the mend :)  Funny how our pets fit into our lives, isn't it?      Tonight I have the last cluster made with A Boy's Life to share with you - - from Anita.

 Just click on the image to download. One more to come! - Kim


  1. Anita, I can almost feel the rumble from this ATV as it goes by. Another outstanding creation displaying all things "BOY." Thanks so much dear. Kim dear, I do hope your kitty is on the mend and home tomorrow "feline" fine. Keep positive thoughts with the bandage changing and all will be fine. As always, thank you for the share.

  2. oh man, your plate is full to overflowing! first .. thank you for your absolutely amazing freebies ... welcome additions to your kits!
    our cats are 12 and the male (Waldo) ... a huge cat 14 pounds of pure muscle ... he's tall (must have maine coon in him) .. had a recent episode of sneezing fits, listless, wouldn't eat (lost 2 pounds) ... took him to the vet and they hydrated him and gave him antibiotics. it's been a month and he's back to his normal self and has put back a little of the weight. i hope your baby has something similar and will be on the mend! keeping my fingers crossed and thinking good thoughts. kind regards, lisa

  3. Oh How Worrying About Your Fur Baby Hope Its Nothing Serious & Hes Back Home With You Soon.Just Wanted To Also Thank You So Much For Your Stunning Gifts As Always With Your News Letters.Take Care & Thing Possitive For You All Hugs :)xXx

  4. So sorry to hear about your kitty. I hope his problem is resolved very soon. And thank you so much for the gorgeous alpha in the newsletter! That is the prettiest glittery alpha ever!

  5. Thanks for another incredible freebie! I sure hope your kitty gets better quickly! We are very attached to our big dude, Max.


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