Friday, June 30, 2017

A Beautiful Moment frame cluster from Chrissy tonight!

It turned out to be a beautiful day after a 15 minute long absolute downpour this afternoon - one of those that if you tried to run from your car to the front door 20 ft away - you got soaked to the bone.   We were at Eric's mom's place to change her dressings (foot wound is almost healed!!!), and it started to get pretty dark outside, so Eric went out to roll up car windows.  The minute he went out the wind picked up for a minute...then the downpour just dumped.   He was soaking wet by the time he made it back - - but he was laughing about it.    I wanted to come home and weed some more, but it has to wait until tomorrow.  After driving down the highway that had the water evaporating from it right in front of our eyes (and it's kinda spooky to see that), we got home to find it was just plain too wet.   Ah well.   Made a batch of macaroni salad to go with a sandwich for supper tonight, and worked the afternoon away :)  Hope your Friday was a dandy, and that you have some awesome plans for the weekend!      Tonight I have  a wonderful frame cluster that Chrissy made with Beautiful Moments to share with you.  The collection remains on sale until Monday at midnight.  I'll be posting the July template for you tomorrow, too!

 Just click on the image to download. See you tomorrow! - Kim


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