Friday, March 31, 2017

Two Welcome to the World clusters to share tonight!

It's Friday!   Altho, to be feels like Saturday to Eric and I because we didn't have to drive to Lacrosse..and that makes it Saturday.   We need adjusting.  AGAIN :)  Other than that...everything is good here.  The rain stopped, it warmed up, and the sun came out just half an hour ago?!?  LOL - I was hoping it would come out sooner so I could work more in my kitchen...but no such luck.  I cooked stuff instead (with all the groceries I bought today).  I made  Albondigas soup (Mexican Meatball Soup) - one of Eric's favorites.  A bit on the spicy side..I'm hoping it helps clear his sinuses, because he has a cold from hell right now.   Seemed to develop overnight....and we are both thankful that it didn't happen sooner so that I could finish up the treatments...but now I just want him better.   I bought fresh fruit and veggies....lots of chicken broth.    I'll make him all better over the weekend :)  Hope you are all doing well, and looking forward to a wonderful weekend!  I was...and still hoping that part of it can be salvaged.  There is more work to do in the kitchen, tho - so...I'll be just fine either way.   Tonight, I have a set of clusters that Olga made using Welcome to the World to share with you :)   I'm leaving up the new template for another day or so  - so everyone has a chance to download it.  Have a great night!

Just click on the images to download - See you tomorrow! - Kim


  1. Olga, absolutely gorgeous clusters this evening. Thank you so much, and Kim dear, as always, thank you for the share. Wishing Eric a speedy recovery from his cold.


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