Monday, March 13, 2017

A no-go today, and a wonderful Milestones cluster from Jenni!

We attempted to get to Lacrosse this morning - and it was a no go.  At that time we had about 6 or 7 inches...not that big of a deal - but there was about 3/4 of an inch of ice on the bottom.  On the highways.   Around here, when we are expecting a lot of snow.....the road crews will wait to go out until most of it has already dumped.  In this case - it's what caused the ice to be able to freeze on up as the temp's dropped all night.   Snow stopped now - I hear that as the storm moves east, it's getting more massive and dumping more?   Stay safe east coasters!       We will be fine the rest of the week here..and plan on making it to treatment tomorrow morning :)     Tonight, I have a wonderful cluster that Jenni made using Milestones to share with you - Milestones will be on sale until midnight tonight for 30% off, too!

Just click on the image to download - see you tomorrow! - Kim


  1. Fabulous photocluster Jenni! Great collection Kim. So sorry for the bad weather but it may be good your body had an extra day to recover from the last treatment. Thinking of you often and what you are going through. Stay strong.

  2. This is amazing. Thanks so much!

  3. WOW! Thank you!


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