Thursday, December 22, 2016

Silent Night - New this week! and two freebies to share.

Hey there everyone :)  Had what was hopefully the last in this round of chemo today...if all goes well, I can start radiation in January to finish this up :)  Feeling pretty good today..just a little tired.  So posting this now.   Below is a copy of the weekly newsletter I send out - and I'm including the NL freebie that came with it this week :)    I also have a gorgeous cluster to share using my new release - SIlent Night, that Jenni made to share with you!  Stay tuned to the blog and/or FB page - I have quite a few lovely clusters to share over the holidays!  

and a little inspiration!

Beautiful layouts :)

Just click on the images to download - see you tomorrow! - Kim


  1. Jenni, this is amazing!!! I love everything about it. Thanks so very much, and Kim, thank you for the NL share today and all the lovely shares
    you give us. This kit is so nice. Happy Holidays

  2. Fabulous kit and fabulous cluster! Thanks so much!

  3. I agree with Connie above. Really beautiful and I appreciate it very much. The whole kit is great.

  4. Thank you for this lovely cluster as usual. This is beautiful! I hope this round of chemo goes well and you can enjoy Christmas. Best Wishes to you and all you creative team.

  5. Such a beautiful kit. Thank you for the word art and for the lovely cluster. Praying that you will not feel so bad on Christmas. God bless.

  6. Another stunning kit!! And beautiful gifts as well!! Keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well for you, and you can move forward Kim.

  7. Fantastic, thanks and have a very Merry Christmas!


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