Monday, December 26, 2016

Another Silent Night cluster from Anita tonight - sale ends soon!

And just like's Monday - are you back to "normal" yet?  We aren't.  I'm just now coming out of the 'chemo funk' that lasts for a good week after treatment....not sleeping quite as much, but my appetite hasn't really returned yet..altho that metallic taste is subsiding , thankfully.    Today it was SO windy - 45 mph gusts that have lasted all day long - we were going to go to the pharmacy, but are putting it off until tomorrow when the winds are only supposed to rattle our brains at 20 mph :)  Easier to stay on the road, too!    Tonight we'll watch some football....and just relax.  Hope you have a great evening!    I have another beautiful piece from Anita to share with you this evening...made with Silent Night, of course - on sale until midnight tonight at The Digichick.

Just click on the image to download - more to come! - Kim


  1. Anita another beauty from you. You can piece together such beautiful clusters. A wonderful talent you are dear. Thanks so much. Kim, drive safely tomorrow, and as always, thanks for the share.

  2. Beautiful contrasting foliage, and I love that wild poinsettia.

  3. Thank you Anita and Kim for such a lovely cluster. I cannot believe you have enough strength to continue designing during and after chemo. You are a special person. Thanks again. Love to you both and wishing you a wonderful year ahead.


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